Alex Woollard


Feedback on Alex Woollard.

Mr Woollard strives to deliver both clinical excellence and holistic care of his patients through their entire journey. The needs of patients undergoing complex reconstruction or cosmetic rejuvenation are very different, but in every case it is a nuanced journey that requires trust and an in-depth understanding of each individual. Mr Woollard firmly believes that the first steps on that journey are critical to the success of the final outcome. He audits his own results, and asks for feedback to aid in reflective practice. He is registered with PHIN and third-party anonymised patient feedback portal

He was very kind, caring and answered all my questions. He was very down to earth. I got wonderful results and couldn’t be happier now.
From the moment I met Dr Woollard I felt so comfortable. He listened to me and I knew that he understood what I wanted to achieve.
His patient manner is extremely empathetic and he is always gentle and explains things thoroughly without being patronising
I cannot forget the incredible sense of confidence he passed onto me the early morning of my 8h surgery to follow. After which he has looked after me with extreme care, commitment and dedication. I will be grateful for his no doubt extraordinary role in my recovery for the rest of my life. He is an excellent plastic surgeon!