Alex Woollard

BUPA Provider Profile

Specialist Interests

plastic surgery; nerve regeneration; facial reanimation; microsurgical reconstruction; lower limb reconstruction; sarcoma reconstruction; amputee reconstruction; osseo-integration; targeted muscle reinnervation TMR; TMR; regenerative peripheral nerve interface RPNI; RPNI; abdominoplasty; liposuction; fat transfer to breasts; fat transfer; arm reduction lift; thigh lift; blephs; breast implant removal; capsulectomy; breast implant exchange; breast implant exchange and capsulectomy; breast augmentation; mastopexy; abdominoplasty; nipple reconstruction; inverted nipples; correction of inverted nipples; gynaecomastia; male chest reduction; breast reduction; browlift; endobrow; mid facelift; facelift; facelift including neck; facelift with liposuction to chin; neck lift; mole removal; cyst removal; excision biopsy of lymph nodes; scar revision; capsulectomy; open capsulectomy; otoplasty; bat ears; rhinoplasty; earlobe repair; laser procedures; Botox; lip enhancement; lip filler